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No sphere of business does without corporate relations which are folded from the beginning of ground of managing unit and to stopping of its activity. Questions of cform of management and decision of parts of participants, state registration and management an enterprise, changes of form a propert and legal form, output of participant from membership of founders, and his including, works with supervisory organs and receipt of permits, sales and purchases of stakes and other deals.

Both internal and external safet dependson organization of enterprise.

Corporate relations are key in-process any managing unit, that represents harmony of work of enterprise on the whole.

For this reason Company provides wide spectrum of services in accompaniment of activity of enterprises, both with Ukrainian and by foreign investments:
  • legal conclusions on questions of choice of management form, distributing of stakes in the chartered capital, estimation of risks of the external investing,
  • state registration LDS, STATE of emergency, LTD., propulsion MODULE,
  • legal and financial conclusions on the choice of the system of taxation, and minimization of tax risks,
  • leadthroughs of Zborov of participants, and state registration of changes,
  • legal accompaniment of kupli- sale of stakes, and also problem enterprises,
  • receipt of razreshitel'nykh documents,
  • legal and public accountant accompaniment of stopping of activity of enterprise,
  • liquidation and bankruptcy.
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