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Manufacture and distribution

Market economy is impossible without manufacture and distribution.

We know characteristics of distribution because of providing legal services in these areas. Legal services in this sphere to enterprises are the most requested in legal market.

Company provides legal support of such activities to:
  • firms and companies
  • subsidiary companies
  • affiliates
  • factories
  • representatives of industrial enterprises in Ukraine.

This industry is difficult and complex so legal help may be required at any stage of activity: production of goods or getting goods from producer to consumer, product certification, obtaining permits, dealswith marketing organizations, promotion and distribution of goods, sales.

Such industry requires supply contracts, franchise agreements, agency agreements, license agreements, litigation, tax issues and customs authorities.

Our practice includes counsel on following issues:


  • Providing effective structure of business (optimal form of the output on a Ukrainian market, conclusion of economic agreements needed to start working, advising on legislation, ratio of Ukrainian law and law of the parent company,  land/industrial/office space issues)
  • Organization of work with regulatory agencies (certification and standardization of production and products, development of technical specifications, approvals of the regulatory authority, licenses, documents necessary to complete the work of enterprises in this sector, as well as advice on the use of the Ukrainian legislation, international law and ratio),
  • Contract work, work with contractors
  • Tax planning (tax issues, work with regulatory authorities with regard to tax/fee payments, consulting, taxation of non-residents, manufacturing plants and others)
  • Representation in court (litigation, minimizing legal risks, prospects of proceedings, debt collection in Ukrainian and foreign countries)

It should be noted that comprehensive legal service may effectively adjust operation of the company, quickly and systematically shut down a lot of questions, plans, legal work, and work with lawyers in order to sufficiently execute emerging issues.

During such counsel we may organize work of head or his deputies, accounting, human resources, manufacturing and administrative areas, that allows to receive and fulfill task at a high level.

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