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Transportation law and traffic

Ukrainian and international vehicle business is presented by wide range of services in Ukraine and abroad. This activity includes sale and purchase of cars, equipment, work of motor shows, transportation of passengers and loads, both on internal and in international connection, and other deals.

Work of motor-car business requires clear organization, that will entail successful realization of business projects.

Representatives of vehicle business are forced to decide great number of questions which need professional application of legal knowledges.

For this reason a legal company gives complex of services related to provide vehicle business:
  • drafting of vast legal and book-keeping conclusions on questions of conduct and investing in new spheres of motor-car business,
  • registration and further accompaniment of Your company (LDS, STATE of emergency, LTD., propulsion MODULE),
  • legal and book-keeping accompaniment of representative offices of international motor-car companies and organization of work with Ukrainian partners,
  • help in a conduct a book-keeping, work with currency, organization of work with tax organs,
  • receipt of licenses and razreshitel'nykh documents,
  • legal and book-keeping organization ONE HUNDRED, ATP, gruzo, and – pasazhiro of vehicular industries,
  • representative office of interests before supervisory organs and contractors,
  • permission of different sort of disputes. 
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