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The use of metal detectors are going to regulate

The Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Spirituality reviewed the state of preservation of the archaeological heritage in the context of the development of museums. During the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee Vyacheslav Kirilenko, in particular, said: "Experts are sounding the alarm, even today in the Ukraine illegally excavated archaeological lot of unique items that are not only national but also global cultural and historical value."

According to him, this process is so fast that, "if not immediately correct the situation, then we and our descendants will soon lose even the theoretical possibility to explore and study the history of his native land." Reported by the information department of the Supreme Council.

Committee members expressed concern about the lack of "effective state and public control over the search, seizure and the treatment of movable archaeological objects." According to the speakers, now have a situation where in the illegal business involving tens of thousands of people quickly deprive Ukraine of its archaeological heritage with modern equipment (metal detectors and geoskanery) available in free sale. Now in private hands are more than 90 thousand of such devices at the same time the number in scientific institutions is only about 40.

It was also noted that today, the Committee continues to work on the preparation of the legislative mechanism of regulating the use of the mentioned devices. In particular, it is proposed to introduce a license to use them.

Source - http://yurpractika.com/news


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